Last modified: 22.05.2020

started: 17.05.2020

I want to figure out how to use my CNC milling machine. With it I should be able to mill out circuits from copper plates. I should also be able to carve out parts which I can glue together to for example to create boxes around my various projects. To be able to put the projects outside my house, I will have to make these boxes waterproof. For that I could use Epoxy plastic.

Image of my CNC Milling Machine

My CNC Milling machine

Getting started

Some links:

  • I bought it from ali express and it's product description can be found here
  • Here is a YouTube video on how to use it with Fritzing.
  • Here is the software, assembly instructions and manual (62 mb) for the machine.
  • Here is someone using Fritzing and flatcam to mill a circuit.
  • The firmware on the machine is using Grbl version 0.9. Maybe I should upgrade to Grbl version 1.1.
  • Last google