Last modified: 22.10.2018

started: 1.10.2017

My goal was to control light under stairs I built for my daughter using the system VoffCon to handle the commands via the internet.

This is an image on how I connected the 12V light strip. I used three BC547 (see datasheet) to control the colors on the strip

Image of connections

How to it's wired up

This drawing of mine illustrates how I connected this project.

How to wire the circuits

How the web page looks like

This image is showing how a user can control the lights. This page is created in voffCon.

How to wire the circuits

The Code

The code running on the Esp2866 is in three files

GPins.h is a part of the standard device server.

DeviceServerNodeMcuPMW.ino is this the main program running on the device

GStripPMW.h is the for controlling the lights .

I‘ve created a control Card for the stair strip. It is written in JavaScript and are run by the VoffCon server.

The VoffCon control Card:

    // Comming soon