Last modified: 30.1.2021

started: 29.1.2021

Here I write my project ideas. I'm sure I won't implement all listed ideas, but I will need to store them somewhere 😊. When ideas have been implemented I will remove them from this page and create a project page for them which can be accessed here.

Wireless Audio player

I want to be able to upload files to a SD card connected to an Esp32 and play them back with a GET request, where a query parameter song has the song name. Something like this
The requests Get /list and delete /songname.mp3 will also need to be implemented.

A speaker will need to be connected to the Esp32.

The device should produce a simple web page where you should be able to view available songs, play them and delete them. It should also provide a upload button allowing me to upload new songs.

This would allow me to upload sentences I recorded, and make the device play them on demand.

This would also allow me to control the device via VoffCon.

possible scenario could be something like this

Another device connected to VoffCon has a movement sensor and is located in my drive way. When it detects movement, it will report it to VoffCon. VoffCon would be configured to send the GET request /play?song=/play?song=movement.mp3 to this project and the speaker would sound out the pre recorded sentence "Movement was detected out side the house."


Here are the pending ideas for VoffCon

If you have an idea for a new feature in VoffCon you can report it here.