Last modified: 30.11.2018

started: 30.11.2018

My goal is to be able to control a addressable light strip out side my home using VoffCon to handle the commands the to it via internet.

The type of the light strip I will be using is WS2811 5V WS2801 addressable and to control the strip I will be using esp2866 development board

Component needed

I will be using these components to make the prototype.

  • NodeMcu development module
  • 100 Watts 5V Power supply
  • Addressable WS2811 5V WS2801, water-proof light strip
NodeMcu development module image 5V Power supply, 100 Watts image Light-strip image

The VoffCon Code

Last year I created this kind of project, but now I am going to rewrite it now. I will probably be using the same VoffCon Control and VoffCon Control Card. Below are the old VoffCon stuff. They will change a little but not much.

The VoffCon control Card:

    // Comming soon

VoffCon Control javascript class:

//comming soon 

VoffCon Control html template:

//comming soon 

The Device Code

This code will need to be written from scratch.

DeviceServerNodeMcu.ino is this the main program running on the device