Last modified: 13.06.2017

started: 17.06.2017

I want to create a big workbench which I can use for normal work (wood working and so on) and also use it for precision work like soldering and creating circuits and Arduino related stuff.

I used Sketchup to design the workbench. The design can be found here. After designing I figured out from the sketchup drawing how much material I needed, went to my local Hardware store, bought the materal and started working on the workbench. Here is a link to an album of pictures of the workbench.

The design

You can click this image to view the design in 3D.

Nearly finished

An image of the workbench, only the wheels is missing. I am pretty tall, so if you are going to build this workbench, maybe you want to make the legs shorter.

The workbench

The workbench in use

Here the weals have been added, and I also created little shelves for the third computer so my son can sit by the workbench beside me.

How to wire the circuits