Last modified: 05.05.2020

started: 01.01.2020

I want to be able to control a digital addressable strip a windows application using USB cable. I will create a windows application which gives commands via USB COM port and a micro-controller will read that port and execute the commands. I want to be able to send manually selected colors and send different programs to the strip.

The project

The project as written in Visual Studio 2019 and consists of two applications
  • Winstrip is a Windows application coded in C# to run on a windows 10 computer, this this application gives commands.
  • Esp32Strip is a Arduino application written in C++ using Visual Micro plugin running on the a micro controller called esp32, this this application will listen for commands and execute them on a digital addressable rgb led strip.

Project Documentation

I created documentation for this project. There you can download a windows installer program, visit the project git repository and get general information on how to use the program.

The project in action