Last modified: 22.10.2018

started: 1.10.2017

My goal was to control light under stairs I built for my daughter using the system VoffCon to handle the commands via the internet.

This is an image on how I connected the 12V light strip. I used three BC547 (see datasheet) to control the colors on the strip

Image of connections

How to it's wired up

This drawing of mine illustrates how I connected this project.

How to wire the circuits

How the web page looks like

This image is showing how a user can control the lights. This page is created in voffCon.

How to wire the circuits

The Code

The code running on the NnodeMcu(esp2866) is the default DeviceServer with little pin mode modifications.

I wanted to use pins D6, D7 and D8 on the device to control the strip, so I needed to change their modes to OUTPUT_ANALOG. By following the steps below you can see how I did that without any programming at all.

  1. I registered the device in VoffCon
  2. Downloaded the program from the device run page by clicking the Get grogram button
  3. Uploaded the program to the NodeMcu with the Arduino IDE
  4. From the VoffCon Run device page I I checked the box "Prepare device for a new program to download."
  5. Changed pin modes on pins D6, D7 and D8 to OUTPUT_ANALOG
  6. Clicked the Get program button again to be able to download the modified pins in a new program
  7. Uploaded the program to the NodeMcu with the Arduino IDE again.

DeviceServerNodeMcu.ino is this the main program running on the device

I‘ve created a control Card for the stair strip. It is written in JavaScript and are run by the VoffCon server.

The VoffCon control Card:

    // Comming soon