Last modified: 09.12.2020

started: 28.05.2020

I built a cage for my children's two Guinea pigs. Their old cage is to small so this one needed to be bigger. I added a led strip to it. Later it would be fun to add some kind of automation.

Project images

Here are some images of the cage and the building progress.

Project Video

The design

I designed the cage in SketchUp. It is made from plywood and plexiglass. I bought the plexiglass from a small shop in Iceland, called Plexigler. I also asked them to cut the plexiglass for me. I sent them images from the drawing including a text description on the size of all plexiglass parts.

5V Power supply, ?? Watts image 5V Power supply, ?? Watts image 5V Power supply, ?? Watts image 5V Power supply, ?? Watts image

Viewing the sketchup file

Click this link if you want to view or download the file.


The material, devices and system I used


Wiring is pretty simple, but soldering the strip took a while.

The power comes from the mini-usb plug and then flows through the development board to the strip. This seems to be OK because we do not want to have the lights too bright for the guinea pigs and the pixels on the strip count only 71. I tested showing the color white in full brightness. When I did that, the controller did not get enough power and rebooted, resulting in a pink low brightness color which is the default power on color.

Image on how to connect the led strip

How to connect the strip to the Esp32

Esp32 Light strip APA102
5V 5 volts input
GND Ground
G13 CI Clock pin (IN: Input into the strip)
G14 DI Data pin (IN: Input into the strip)

The code

Device code

The code running on the device is from three files. The source of these files, I got from this GitHub repository and modified the .ino file just a little.




The VoffCon Card

Here is the Control Card I used in VoffCon to allow the user to control the strip.



The VoffCon Control

The VoffCon Card uses the StripCtrl VoffCon Control to communicate with the Esp32.


I would like to make some kind of automation for the cage but I don't know what. Maybe something for a automatic feeding or adding a motor to spin something.

If you have some Ideas please send me an email a this address:


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