Last modified: 29.11.2018

started: 20.2.2017

I made að online storage application to be able to store information about my various parts. Specially parts I use when having fun with micro-controllers like Arduino, Esp32 and Esp2866(nodeMcu).

Now when the project is finished, I logged all my parts I've bought over the years and logged all information I have on them. This will make things easier when starting a new project, I can read about the part and how to use it. Click on stored data-sheets, or visit links that are stored on the parts page.

If you want this app it is free, and you get download it from GitHub. Click here to visit the repository page on GitHub.

Few snapshots of the system.

Login page

Users can be admin or normal users, admins can change stuff, normal user can only view stuff.

Login screen

List parts

The Settings menu, is only usable by admins. Here parts can be listed by "creation time" or "part name".

List parts

List parts by Location

Parts can be listed by specific Location, Type, Supplier or Manufacturer. Here we are listing by a location called "Taska Svört - Hvítt límband".

List parts by Location

List Types

Types, Locations, Suppliers, Manufactures, Files, Images, parts and users can all be listed by Name or Creation order.

List types

Register a part

Parts, Types, Locations, Suppliers, Manufactures, Files, Images and users all have a register page where you store data about your items. The pars page was created for ease of use, rather than beauty. Quickly select Types, Location, Supplier or a Manufacturer from Dropdowns and easily add Files or Links by pressing a button.

Register a part

The todo list.

Todo: (check-mark means done.