Keypt Nafn hlekkur vrusu Lsing
8.12.2013 05:42 ABS Heat Dissipation Panel for Raspberry Pi - Silver + White (1 x 3PCS)  
8.12.2013 05:42 TEC1-12705 DIY Cooling Plate - White (40 x 40mm / DC 12V) Color: White
Material: Plastic + ceramic
Chip Model: TEC1-12705
Rated voltage DC 12V, Max. voltage 15.5V
Maximum current: 5A
Cooling Power: 30W (Good heat dissipation)
Internal Resistance: 2.4 to 1.7 ohm (Ambient temperature 23 +/1'C, 1KHz of Ac test)
Maximum temperature difference: 60'C above
Assembly pressure: 85N/cm2
Working environment: Temperature range -55'C to 83'C (Too high ambient temperature will directly affect the cooling efficiency)
Temperature: -10'C to 40'C
Storage conditions: -40 to 60'C
Cable length: 30cm
Great for DIY lovers
8.12.2013 05:42 DIY DS18B20 Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor Probe - Black Model D108051
Quantity 1
Color Black
Material Stainless steel
Features DS18B20 temperature sensor chip, waterproof, stainless steel probe, cable length: 100cm; Power supply: 3.0~5V; 9~12 digit adjustable resolution; Temperature range: -55'C~125'C
Application Temperature measuring
Packing List 1 x Temperature Sensor Probe
8.12.2013 05:42 DIY Single Bus 18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino Model I052106
Quantity 1
Color Black
Material CCL
Features Digital temperature sensor module; The main chip: 18B20 module
Application Digital temperature sensor module
Other The main chip: 18B20 temperature sensor; Working voltage: DC 5V; Resolution adjustment range :9-12; Temperature measuring range: -55 ~ +125 'C; Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.5 ; Digital signal output
Packing List 1 x Temperature sensor module
8.12.2013 05:42 Silicone Heat Transfer Compound  
7.3.2013 16:11 Nano V3.0 AVR ATmega328 P-20AU Module Board + USB Cable for Arduino Blue board
Digital I/O Pins: 12 (D2~D13)
Analog Input Pins: 8 (A0~A7)
1 Pair TTL serial data receiving and transmitting pins: RX/TX
PWM Output Pins: 6 (D3/D5/D6/D9/D10/D11)
Microcontroller: Atmel Atmega328P-AU
Employs Atmega328P-AU single chip
Supports USB download and power supply / ISP download
Supports external 5V~12V DC power supply or 9V battery
Comes with cable length: 25cm
7.3.2013 16:11 RJ45 8P8C Female to Female Adapter for Network Cable - Red (10 PCS)  
7.3.2013 16:11 Pitch 8-Pin Male to Female Pin Headers for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards / 5 PCS)  
7.3.2013 16:11 2.5mm Pitch 6-Pin Male to Female Pin Headers for Arduino (5 PCS)  
7.3.2013 16:11 Three Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer + Magnetic Field Sensor Module for Arduino Model GY-86
Quantity 1
Color Blue
Material PCB
Features Using chip: MPU6050 + HMC5883L + MS5611; Power supply: 3~5V; Means of communication: IIC communication protocol
Application DIY project
Other Three axis gyroscope + accelerometer + magnetic field sensor
Packing List 1 x Module
  1 x Curved needle
  1 x Straight needle
7.3.2013 16:11 DIY 4-Position 8-Pin 2.54mm Pitch Dip Switches (20-Piece Pack)  
7.3.2013 16:11 IR Infrared Motion Detection Sensor Module (DC 5V~20V) Model I052116
Quantity 1
Color White
Material Copper-clad plate
Features Working voltage: DC 5~20V; Static power consumption: 65 microamps; Detecting range: <120 degrees cone angle (within 7 meters)
Application IR motion detection sensor module
Packing List 1 x IR motion detection sensor module
7.3.2013 16:11 DS1302 Real Time Clock Module with Battery CR2032 Color: Black + green
Material: FR-I
DS1302 main performance index
The real time clock has the ability of calculating prior to the 2100 second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, and the ability to adjust a leap year
Wide working voltage: 2.0~5.5 V
When The working voltage is 2.0V, the current is less than 300nA
Read/write clock or RAM data have two transmission way: Single-byte / many bytes group
8 feet DIP assembly or optional 8 feet SOIC encapsulation according to surface assembly
Simple 3 line interface
7.3.2013 16:11 Protective Matte Screen Protector Guard Film for iPhone 4S - Transparent  
7.3.2013 16:11 Professional Disassembly Open Tools for iPhone 4 (7-Piece Set)  
7.3.2013 16:11 Anaglyphic Blue + Red 3D Glasses (2-Pack)  
7.3.2013 16:11 RJ45 Network Crimp Plugs (100-pcs retail box set)  
14.6.2013 02:36 Meeeno MN-EB-CTA17 Electronic Building Block Current Sensor Module - Orange + Black Brand Meeeno
Model MN-EB-CTA17
Quantity 1
Color Orange + Black
Material FR4
Features Compatible with various Arduino electronic building block / sensor expansion board
Specification Power supply needs: 5V; Interface type: Analog; Pin Definition: 1-Signal 2-VCC 3-GND; Wide detecting scope; Fast response and high sensitivity
Application Various electronic products and DIY lovers
English Manual/Spec Yes (E-format)
Packing List 1 x Sensor module
14.6.2013 02:36 BEST DT-9205M+ 2.6" LCD Digital Multimeter - Black + Reddish Orange Brand BEST
Model DT-9205M+
Quantity 1
Color Black
Material ABS plastic
LCD Display 2.6"
DC Voltage 200mV~1000V +/- (0.5% + 1)
AC Voltage 200mV~700V +/- (0.8% + 3)
DC Current 2mA~20A +/- (0.8% +1)
AC Current 2mA~20A +/- (1% + 3 )
Resistance 200~200M +/- (2.5% + 3) ohm
Capacitance 2nF~200uF
Power Supply 1 x 6F22 9V battery (included)
14.6.2013 02:36 VC97 3.0" LCD Handheld Auto Range Multimeter (Voltage + Current + Resistance + Temperature/2*AAA) New type holster, streamline design
Features 3.0" LCD display
Strong antimagnetic and anti-jamming performance
Full function protection
Relative value, frequency/duty cycle measuring, data hold
It measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, temperature, diode check, transistor hFE test and etc
Display: maximum reading 4,000
DC voltage: 400mV~1000V (0.5%+4)
AC voltage: 4V~1000V (0.8%+6)
DC current: 400~20A (1.0%+5)
Resistance: 400O~40MO (0.8%+1)
Temperature: -40'C~1000'C (0.8%+4) ('C/'F selection)
Powered by 2*AAA battery (included)
Comes with a pair of test leads and temperature probes
6.3.2013 12:28 Sports Gym Arm Band Case + 3.5mm Earphone w/ Microphone for Samsung i9100 Galaxy S2 - Black + Red  
6.3.2013 12:28 ShenDing LD8002-A9 Temperature Controlled Sensor RGB LED Faucet Light - Silver  
6.3.2013 12:28 NRF24L01 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Module - Black Color: Black
Material: Circuit board
NRF24L01 is a universal ISM band monolithic transceiver chip works in the 2.4-2.5GHz
Wireless transceiver including: Frequency generator, enhanced type, SchockBurstTM, mode controller, power amplifier, crystal amplifier, modulator, demodulator
The output power channel selection and protocol settings can be set extremely low current consumption, through the SPI interface
As the transmit mode, the transmit power is 6dBm, the current is 9.0mA, the accepted mode current is 12.3mA, the current consumption of the power-down mode and standby mode are lower
Built-in 2.4GHz antenna, supports up to six channels of data reception
Size: 15 x 29mm (including antenna)
Low operating voltage: 1.9-3.6V
125 channels, multi-point communication and frequency hopping to meet the communication needs
High Rate: 2Mbps, as air transmission time is very short, greatly reducing collision phenomena in wireless transmission (air transfer rate of software setting: 1Mbps or 2Mbps)
Low power consumption: When the answer mode communication, fast air transmission and start-up time, which greatly reduces the current consumption
Low application cost: NRF24L01 integrated part of all high-speed signal processing related to RF protocol, such as: automatic retransmission of lost packets and automatically generate response signals, etc.
NRF24L01 SPI interface: hardware SPI port, MCU I/O ports
Internal FIFO compatible with a variety of microprocessor interface, micro-controller is convenient
Standard pin Dip2.54MM spacing interface for embedded applications
6.3.2013 12:28 Rechargeable 2200mAh External Battery Back Case for Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 - Black Material: ABS plastic
Built-in rechargeable 3.7V 2200mAh battery
Input: DC 5V 500mA
Output: DC 5V 750mA
4 blue LED indicators
Extends cell phone working time
6.3.2013 12:28 Super Mini 60X Microscope with 2-LED Illumination + Money/Currency Detecting UV Light (3*LR1130)  
6.3.2013 12:28 Flat to Round Power Plug Convertor  
30.5.2013 15:36 Rechargeable 9000mAh Li-ion Emergency Power Battery for Camcorder/Walkie Talkie/Camera + More Model: YSD-12900
Color: Blue
Capacity: 9000mAh
Input voltage: 12.6V
Output voltage: 12V
5.5mm male in and 5.5mm female out plugs
Charge rate: 350mA/h @12.6V; Discharge rate: 5mA/h when unuse
Perfect for your camcorder, camera, or other device requires 12V voltage power
Comes with Power adapter (AC 110~240V/2-flat-pin plug)
30.5.2013 15:36 Waterproof 72W 2400lm 300-SMD 5050 LED RGB Car Decoration Light Strip (5m) Quantity 1 piece(s)
Color White + Silver
Material FPC
Emitter Type SMD 5050 LED
Chip Type Epistar
Total Emitters 300
Light Color RGB
Input Voltage 12 V
Power 72 W
Luminous Flux 2400 lm
Wavelength  nm
Connector Type 635~640 (red), 515~525 (green), 465~475 (blue)
Waterproof Yes
Waterproof Rate IP65
Application Decoration light
Certification CE / FCC / ROHS
30.5.2013 15:36 MPX020 DIY 3.0~12V Gear Motor - Silver (Max. 200rpm/min) Model MPX020
Quantity 1
Color White
Material Plastic + Iron
Features Shaft diameter: 2.55mm; Voltage range: 3.0-12V; shaft length: 10mm; Rotate speed: 3.0V 80mA 50rpm/min, 6.0V 160mA 100rpm/min, 12 V 300mA 200rpm/min
Other Great for DIY projects
Packing List 1 x Gear motor
30.5.2013 15:36 3-Pin Triode Transistor + Regulated Voltage IC 78LO5 for DIY Project - Black (60-Piece Pack) Brand regulated
Model N/A
Quantity 60
Color Black + Silver
Material Semiconductor
Specification 10x type: 13001 0.83 chip, package TO-92,   10 x 13002 0.83 chip, TO-92,                         10 x 13003 1.18 chip, TO-92,                         10 x 13003 1.18 chip, TO-126,                       10 x 13005 small chip, TO-220,                       10 x 78L05, TO-92,  
Voltage 13001 / 13002 / 13003 / 13003 / 13005 is more than 480V, 78L05 is 5V;  
Current 13001: 500mA,                                         13002: 500mA,                                         13003: 1A,                                               13003: 1A,                                                 13005: 2A,                                         78L05:100mA
Packing List 60 x Transistors
30.5.2013 15:36 2-Pin Screw Style PCB Terminal Blocks - Green + Silver (15-Piece Pack) Model 20077
Quantity 15
Color Green + Silver
Material PA66 + Copper + Steel
Features Terminal blocks
Application Suitable for electric products, industrial equipment, instrument, ect
Other 2-pin design; Voltage: 300V; Current: 30A; 9.5mm pitch, withstand voltage: AC 3000V/1 Min, wire range: 22~10AWG
Packing List 15 x Terminal blocks
30.5.2013 15:36 GSM / GPRS Shield Wireless Extension Board Module w/ Antenna / Adapter for Arduino Model SHD-EFCOM
Quantity 1
Color Black
Material FR4
Features Arduino Compatible GSM / GPRS Shield
Application for Arduino experiment and DIY projects
Other Fully compatible with Freaduino/Arduino and Mega 2560, Quad-Band 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz, voltage: 5V, Size: 68.33 x 53.09mm
Packing List 1 x GSM / GPRS Shield
  1 x Quad-Band wireless antenna
  1 x 100~240V Power adapter ( 100cm-cable / US plug)
30.5.2013 15:36 APC220 Wireless RF Modules w/ Antennas / USB Converter for Arduino Material Glass fibre + ABS
Features Wireless sensor; Automated Meter Reading (AMR); Industrial Automation; The control of traffic signal; Wireless handheld terminal; Remote control and monitoring; The control of robot, etc.
Application Automated Meter Reading (AMR); Wireless sensor; Industrial Automation; The control of traffic signal; Wireless handheld terminal; Remote control and monitoring; The control of robot, etc.
Other Working voltage: 3.3~5V; Transmission distance: 800~1000 meters; Speed: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600bps; Working frequency: 431~478Mhz (1KHz step); UART/TTL; GFSK modulation; Large data buffer: 512bytes, suitable for massive data transfer
30.5.2013 15:36 Double Row 10-Pin 2.54mm Pitch Pin Headers (10-Piece Pack)  
30.5.2013 15:36 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor for DIY Project (120-Piece Pack) Quantity 120
Color Black
Material Aluminum
Features High quality and reliable
Application Great for DIY project
Other Includes 120 pieces, specification as below: 50V 1UF / 50V 2.2UF / 50V 3.3UF / 50V 4.7UF / 25V 10UF / 25V 22UF / 25V 33UF / 25V 47UF / 16V 100UF / 16V 220UF / 10V 330UF / 16V 470UF
Packing List 120 x Electrolytic capacitors
30.5.2013 15:36 TF / Micro SD Memory Card w/ SD Adapter - 4GB  
30.5.2013 15:36 Ethernet Shield with Wiznet W5100 Ethernet Chip / TF Slot Ethernet Shield With Wiznet W5100 Ethernet Chip
Supports TF card up to 16GB
30.5.2013 15:36 High Torque 80RPM 12V DC Geared Motor 80RPM 12V DC geared motor
Current: 0.05A
Diameter: 25mm
Torque:  3kgcm
30.5.2013 15:36 EM-411 GPS Engine Board Module with SiRF Star III Chipset SiRF star III high performance GPS chipset
High sensitivity (tracking sensitivity: -159dBm)
Extremely fast TTFF (time to first fix) at low signal level
Supports NMEA 0183 data protocol
Built-in SuperCap to reserve system data for rapid satellite acquisition
Built-in patch antenna
LED indicator
30.5.2013 15:36 Helping Third Hand Soldering Stand with 2X Magnifying Glass  
30.5.2013 15:36 40W Rubber Handle Electronics DIY Welding Soldering Iron (220~240V AC)  
30.5.2013 15:36 Aluminum Alloy Desoldering Pump  
30.5.2013 15:36 Flat to Round Power Plug Convertor  
2.4.2013 17:28 D1213 Mega ATMEGA 2560 Motherboard w/ Expansion Board + Bread Board + USB Cable + LED for Arduino  
2.4.2013 17:28 ADXL335 3-Axis Accelerometer Module ADXL335 is a small size, low power consumption, three axis accelerometer, providing the voltage output of signal disposal, it can measure +/3g magnetic field full-scale acceleration minimum. It can measure skew detection of the application of static gravity acceleration, and sports, impact or vibration acceleration in dynamic.

Three-axis magnetic field accelerometer module
Compact size, low power supply
Used for game systems, mobile devices, etc
Sensor Chip: ADXL335
Operating Voltage Range: 3V ~ 5V
Supply Current: 400uA
Interface: Analog quantity output
Operating Temperature: -40'C~ +85'C
2.4.2013 17:28 5V Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board Set High quality stepper motor with ULN2003 driver
Voltage: DC 5V
Diameter: 28mm
Step Angle: 5.625 x 1/64
Reduction Ratio: 1/64
Packing List:
1 x Stepper motor (24cm)
1 x ULN2003 Driver board
2.4.2013 17:28 2.54mm 1x40 Pin Breakaway Straight Male Header (10-Piece Pack)  
2.4.2013 17:28 Arduino Compatible UNO 2011 Component Basic Element Pack Starter Kit  
2.4.2013 17:28 Prototype Universal Printed Circuit Board Breadboards - Green + Brown (10-Piece Pack)  
2.4.2013 17:28 DIY Parts 2 x 10-Pin 2.0mm Pitch Female Headers (10-Piece Pack)  
2.4.2013 17:28 SSR-25DA 25A Solid State Relay - White Input: DC 3~32V
Output: AC 24~380V
Current: 25A
2.4.2013 17:28 SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards) Color Blue + silver
Material PCB
Features Allows to read and write to the SD card using your arduino through programming
Application Easily interfaced as a peripheral to your arduino sensor shield module
Packing List 1 x SD card module
2.4.2013 17:28 1/4W Resistance Metal Film Resistors (400-Piece Pack) The 1/4W resistance metal film resistors are good for DIY projects. With these resistors, you can do it yourself with Ardunio tested works perfectly. The tolerance of the resistor is 1%. The resistor is very good for DIY projects.

Power rating: 1/4W
20 different values: 10 ohm, 22 ohm, 47 ohm, 100 ohm, 220 ohm, 470 ohm, 680 ohm, 1K ohm, 2.2K
ohm, 4.7K ohm, 6.8K ohm, 10K ohm, 22K ohm, 47K ohm, 68K ohm, 100K ohm, 220K ohm, 470K ohm, 680K
ohm, 1M ohm
Tolerance of resistors: 1%
Contains 400pcs per pack
2.4.2013 17:28 3x4 Matrix 12 Key Membrane Switch Keypad Keyboard 7-pin connect hole
Keypad Life: over 200,000 times
Cable Length: Approx 8cm
2.4.2013 17:28 MG995 Tower Pro Servo  
11.3.2013 14:45 TCS3200 Color Sensor Recognition Module w/ Two Pins for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards) Color: White
Material: Circuit board
Chip: TCS3200
Power supply: DC 3~5V
Use bright white LED lights, to control lights on / off
Can be connected directly with Micro-controller
Static detection of the measured object color
Packing list:
1 x Color sensor recognition module
2 x Pins
11.3.2013 14:45 80 Character 3.1' LCD Display Module for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards) Features 20 x 4 character LCD display module
Application It is fantastic for Arduino based project
Other 3.1'' display, Display format: 20 characters x 4 lines, character size: 2.95x4.75, display mode: STN, FSTN; control chip: KS0073, operating voltage: +5V, operating temperature: -20~70'C
Packing List 1 x 80 character LCD display module
11.3.2013 14:45 0.1W 50V Horizontal 103 10K Ohm Blue & White Adjustable Resistor - Blue + White (10-Piece)  
11.3.2013 14:45 8 Channel 5V Relay Module - Black + Blue Color: Black + Blue
Quantity: 1
Material: PCB board
AV voltage max. 250V, AC current max. 10A
DC voltage max. 30V, DC current max. 10A
Uses 8550 triode drive, strong drive ability
Working voltage: 5V
Module built-in green LED power indicator and red LED indicates relay status
VCC: 5V input, external connect to GND
IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4 Control ports, connect to I/O port
Great for DIY project
Packing list:
1 x Module
11.3.2013 14:45 30A ACS712 Current Sensor Module Current sensor chip: ACS712ELC-30A
Pin 5V power supply, on-board power indicator
The module can measure the positive and negative 30A, corresponding to the analog output 66mV/A.
There is no the detection current through, the output voltage is VCC/2.
11.3.2013 14:45 Mega 2560 R3 Microcontroller Board  for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards) ntt
11.3.2013 14:45 ENC28J60 3.3V 25MHz Crystal Ethernet Network Board Module - Blue Ethernet chip ENC28J60, SSOP28 package
IEEE 802.3 compliant Ethernet controller: Integrated MAC and 10 BASE-T PHY
Supports full-duplex and half-duplex mode
SPI interface, the maximum speed is up to 10 Mb/s
SPI clock up to 20MHz
Compatible interface: SmartM51 & AVR development board
Built-in isolation transformer, HR911102A RJ45 connector
Single power supply: + 3.3V
25MHz crystal
11.3.2013 14:45 Solderless Breadboard - White (Large Size)  
11.3.2013 14:45 Breadboard Jumper Cable Wires for Electronic DIY (65-Cable Pack)  
11.3.2013 14:45 Ethernet Shield V1.1 for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards) With this Ethernet Shield, your Arduino board can be connected to internet
Uses ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet controller and compatible HR911102A RJ45 socket
Web client application to use Arduino as a distributed network sensor
Stackable by accepting prototype shield or any other boards with Arduino compatible interface
3.9.2013 08:00 12V 40-50mA 400RPM 4mm Shaft 25mm Diameter DC Geared Motor w Gearbox Brand Name:
DC Geared Motor
Product Description
Product Name DC Geared Motor
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Rated Current 40-50mA ( no load )
Speed 400RPM
Shaft Diameter 4mm/ 0.16"
Overall Size 25 x 67mm/ 1" x 2.64" (D*H)
Main Color Silver Tone
Material Metal
Weight 88.7g
Package 1 x DC Geared Motor
Easy for installation with the 4mm diameter shaft and 2 pin connector on the bottom.
Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC geared motor on the machine.
Widely used on auto shutter, Pan/ Tilt camera, Slot machine, Money detector, Coin refund devices, Currency count machine, Towel dispensers, Automatic doors, Peritoneal machine, Automatic TV rack,Office equipment, Household appliances, Automatic actuator,Coffee machine, Towel disposal, Lighting, Coin refund devices etc.
Packaging Details
Unit Type:
Package Weight:
0.089kg (0.196lb.)
Package Size:
10cm x 8cm x 8cm (3.94in x 3.15in x 3.15in)
29.8.2013 06:39 MOC3021 3021 DIP-6 Optical coupler x 10 PCS Model Number: MOC3021
29.8.2013 06:37 Free shipping 10 PCS BTA41-600B , BTA41-600 , BTA41600B , BTA41600 , BTA41 TO-247 Model Number: BTA41-600B
21.8.2013 09:26 Free shiping Best prices !!! 5V USB DC 7V-24V to 5V 3A Step Down Buck KIS3R33S Module Arduino than LM2596 This module has USB recognition function, perfect support IPHONE4, IPAD, NOKIA N8 series mobile phone.
100% Brand new and high quality
Modules nature: non-isolated Buck
Rectification: synchronous rectification
Input voltage: DC 7- 24V
Output voltage: DC 5V
Output current: 4A (max)
Conversion efficiency: 96% (MAX)
Switching frequency: 340KHz
Output ripple: 30mV (max)
Load regulation: 0.5%
Voltage regulation: 2.5%
Operating Temperature: -40 C to +85 C
With Overcurrent Protection
Dimension: 60 x 21 x 14mm
DIY Mobile Power Supply, To achieve 5V output for charging Phone, MP3, MP4, PSP etc
Please connect right as the printed :""IN-, IN+, OUT-, OUT+"",or the Module will be burn
 21.8.2013 09:25 HC-06 Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module RS232 TTL for Arduino Free Shipping + Drop Shipment Model Number:
Mini Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth Transceiver Module RS232 With Backplane TTL
 *Allows your device to both send or receive the TTL data via Bluetooth technology without connecting a
 serial cable to your computer.
 *Works with any USB Bluetooth adapters.
 *Default Baud Rate: 9600,8,1,n.
 *Built in antenna.
 *Coverage up to 30ft.

 *Bluetooth version: V2.0+EDR
 *Operating voltage: 3.3V
 *Default Baud Rate: 9600,8,1,n.
 *Signal coverage: 30ft
 *Cable length: 21.5cm
 *Item size: 4.3 * 1.6 * 0.7cm
 *Item weight: 3g
 *Package size: 9 * 3 * 1cm
 *Package weight: 8g
21.8.2013 09:22 TCS230 TCS3200D Color Module Color Sensor Camera 3v -5v with A Wide-angle Lens Free Shipping TCS230 TCS3200D Color Module Color Sensor Camera 3v -5v with A Wide-angle Lens
On-board TCS3200 color sensors
Take the wide Angle lens , removable, can identify the large or small area of objects.
Support 3 V-5 V voltage input
Chip pin all has drawn, put the needle for standard 100 mil (2.54 mm), convenient for bitmap board
With four highlighted white LED, can light up some of their own light objects. Glowing tube is controllable.
 S1 S2, S3 S4 can board up or down.
Have 2 3 mm install screw hole, span 16.5 mm
  PCB size: 23 mm X 30 mm
21.8.2013 09:22 RC522 RFID Module + IC Card + S50 Fudan Cards Key Chains for Arduino Provide Development Code FZ0542 Model Number: FZ0542
RC522 RFID Module with  IC Card  S50 Fudan Cards Key Chains for Arduino Provide  Development Code FZ0542

  MF RC522 is applied to 13.56MHz contactless communication highly integrated chip card reader, is NXP for the "Three Tables" application launch of a low-voltage, low-cost, small size and non-contact card reader chip, smart instrumentation and portable handheld devices developed better choice. MF RC522 using advanced modulation and demodulation concept completely integrated in all types of 13.56MHz passive contactless communication methods and protocols. Support 14443A compatible transponder signals. The digital part handles ISO14443A framing and error detection. In addition, support fast CRYPTO1 encryption algorithms, terminology validation   products. MFRC522 supports  Series higher speed non-contact communication, two-way data transfer rates up to 424kbit / s. As a highly integrated 13.56MHz card reader new family of chips, MF RC522 MF RC500 and MF RC530 and there are many similarities, but also have many features and differences. It is between the host communication using SPI mode, helps to reduce connection, reduce PCB board size and cost.

    MF522-AN module adopts Philips MFRC522 original reader circuit chip design, easy to use, low cost, suitable for equipment development, development of advanced applications such reader users, the need for RF card terminal design / production of the user. This module can be loaded directly into a variety of readers molds. Module uses voltage of 3.3V, through the SPI interface simple few lines can be directly connected to the user any CPU board communication module can guarantee stable and reliable work, reader distance;

Current :13-26mA / DC 3.3V
Idle Current :10-13mA / DC 3.3V
Sleep current: <80uA
Peak current: <30mA
Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz

Supported card types:  S50,  S70,  UltraLight,  Pro,  Desfire
Product Physical Characteristics: Dimensions: 40mm 60mm
Environmental Operating temperature: -20-80 degrees Celsius
Environment Storage temperature: -40-85 degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity: 5% -95%

Module Interface SPI Parameters:
Data Transfer Rate: Max. 10Mbit / s
Package Included:
1 X RFID Module
1 X white card
1 X S50 Fudan key chain
21.8.2013 09:22 Big Discount ! Motor Drive Shield L293D for Arduino Duemilanove Mega / UNO Free Shipping via Brand name: Freezone99
Model Number: FZ0002
Motor Drive Shield L293D for Arduino Duemilanove Mega / UNO
Features :

L293D is a monolithic integrated, high voltage, high current, 4-channel driver.Basically this means using this chip you can use DC motors and power supplies of up to 36 Volts, thats some pretty big motors and the chip can supply a maximum current of 600mA per channel, the L293D chip is also whats known as a type of H-Bridge. The H-Bridge is typically an electrical circuit that enables a voltage to be applied across a load in either direction to an output, e.g. motor.
- 2 interface for 5V Servo connected to the  high-resolution dedicated timer - no jitter!
- Can drive 4 DC motors or 2 stepper motors or 2 Servo
- Up to 4 bi-directional DC motors with individual 8-bit speed selection
- Up to 2 stepper motors (unipolar or bipolar) with single coil, double coil or interleaved stepping.
- 4 H-Bridges: per bridge provides 0.6A (1.2A peak current) with thermal protection, can run motors on 4.5V to 36V DC
- Pull down resistors keep motors disabled during power-up
- reset button
- 2 external terminal power interface, for seperate logic/motor supplies
- Tested compatible for  Mega, Diecimila & Duemilanove
21.8.2013 09:22 L298N Module Dual H Bridge Stepper Motor Driver Board Modules for Arduino Smart Car FZ0407 Free Shipping Dropshipping Model Number:  FZ0407
L298N Module Dual H Bridge Stepper Motor Driver Board Modules for Arduino Smart Car  FZ0407
Product description:
The L298N driver module, using ST L298N chip can directly drive two 3-30V DC motor, and provides a 5V output interface, you can chip circuitry to 5V power supply, support 3.3VMCU control, you can easily control the DC motor speed and direction, you can also control the 2-phase stepper motor, smart car essential.
Product parameters:
1 Driver chip: L298N dual H-bridge driver chip
2 Terminal driver part of the supply area VMS: +5 V ~ +35 V
3 Drive part of the peak current Io: 2A / Bridge
4 Logical part of the terminal power supply range Vss :4.5-5 .5 V
5 Logical part of the operating current range: 0 ~ 36mA
6 The control signal input voltage range: 4.5-5.5V low 0V high
7 Maximum power consumption: 20W
8 Storage temperature: -25 ~ +130
9 Driver Board Size: 55mm * 60mm * 30mm
10 Driver board Weight: 33g
11 Other features: control direction indicator, power indicator, current detection, logical part of the plate to take power interface.
21.8.2013 09:21 Free shipping 5 pcs TIP122 TIP-122 Transistor Complementary NPN 100V 5A DIY 3-Pin TO-220 New TIP-122
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17.9.2013 06:30 Freeshipping ! Funduino Nano 3.0 controller compatible with arduino nano funduino Nano ultra-small a base of open source code Simple i / o platform before the USB version of Arduino Diecimila comparison, funduino Nano in size accounted for a large advantage, can be used to develop a need to operate independently, and hasinteractive effects of electronic supplies; can also be used to develop and computers connected together in collaboration with Flash, Processing, Max / Msp, PD, VVVV and other software interactive works.

funduino Nano technology parameters:
1.12 Digital input / output port D2 to D13,
2.8 analog input ports A0 ~ A7
3.1 pairs of TTL level serial transceiver port RX / TX
4.6 PWM port, D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, D11
5 Using Atmel Atmega328P-AU MCU
6 USB download and power
7. Support for external 5V ~ 12V DC power supply
8. 9V battery power supply
9 Support ISP download

This product contains:
1. Funduino Nano development board
2 USB line
17.9.2013 06:30 Freeshipping ! Mega 2560 R3 Mega2560 REV3 ATmega2560-16AU Board + USB Cable compatible arduino For MEGA2560 2012 R3 version is the latest version of the the MEGA Series arduino controller, and the 2011 version of the distinction as follows:
1. alternative ATMEGA16U2 chip 2011 version of ATMEGA8U2 , ISP FLASH increased capacity doubled, to facilitate greater functionality extensions, developers need. ATMEGA16U2 addition to traditional USB to serial, also allows user programming to define other functions, such as the USB port can be configured as a mouse, keyboard, game joystick, camera, of course, these applications have yet to be Arduino team to disclose the specific embodiments.
External interface increase on the basis of the 2011 version of the SDA, SCL (the left side of the position in the AREF).IOREF interface can be provided to the Shield a voltage reference. And compatibility considerations for future products the IOREF reserve a port on the left side.
Improved 3.RESET circuit than the 2011 version. Prevent RESET the accidental reset the the RESET circuit more stable.
26.9.2013 14:30 Wholesale - New 12V 1000RPM Mini Torque Gear Box Motor Hobby Voltage(V): 12V
Product Description
Product Description
High in quality
Has been tested before shipping out
Good for RC Boats, RC cars, School Projects, Robotics and other Hobby Projects.
Motor Dimension :
No-load current: 90mA
- 12V DC
- 1000RPM
- 25mm in Diameter
- 49mm Long excluding the Shaft
- 9mm Shaft Long
- Shaft diameter 4mm
- Torque 1.5 N*cm
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30 RGB LEDs per meter
 One WS2811 IC control ONE LED Chip
 Each LED is individually addressable, with 8 bits of green, red and blue data shifted in for 24 bit color
 Work Voltage: 5V DC
Width: 10mm
 Strip can be cut one by one led chip.
Note: Power supply or controller not include
Excellent, high quality intelligent lighting!
Based on high quality SMD5050 RGB LEDs embed(Built-in) integrated WS2811 control ICs
each LED is independently addressable (30 individually addressable LEDs in 1 meter), opening up entirely new lighting possibilities.
5M LED Strip
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US-020 Ultrasonic Module
Ultrasonic Module Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor DC 5V 7M wholesale

US-020 ultrasonic ranging module can be achieved 2cm-7m non-contact measuring function, power supply voltage of 5V, static power consumption is lower than 3mA, support GPIO communication mode, with a watchdog, stable and reliable work.
The main technical parameters
Electrical parameters  US-020 ultrasonic ranging module
Working voltage DC 5V

Static current  3mA
Working temperature  0 - 70 degrees
Output mode GPIO
Induction of less than 15 degrees angle
Detection distance 2cm-700cm
Detection precision  0.3cm+1%
This module size: 45mm*20mm*1.6mm.Plate two with a radius of 1mm mechanical hole,

This module has an interface: 4 Pin power supply and communication interface.4 Pin interface for 2.54mm pitch bend needle, such as map

From left to right: 1,2,3,4.They are defined as follows:
1 Pin: VCC power (DC 5V).
2 Pin: external circuit Trig terminal, to this pin input a 10uS above high level, can trigger module location.
3 Pin: external circuit Echo terminal, when the distance at the end, this pin will output a high level, level width for the ultrasonic travel time of the sum

 4 Pin: to  external circuit  GND
Ranging principle
Module range timing

Chart shows that: in Trig only need to input a 10US tube feet above the high level, the system can send out 8 40KHZ ultrasonic pulse echo signals, and then detecting.When the detected echo signal, through the Echo pin.
According to the Echo pin output high level duration can be computed distance value.The distance value (high level time: /2 *340m/s).
10.10.2013 00:00 100W Switching led power suply 5v 1pcs free shipping high quality power adapter driver for LED Strip Light Display 220V/110V Output Type     : Single
Output Power    : 51 - 100W
is_customized   : Yes
Brand Name      : YHY
Output Current  : 20A
Output Voltage  : 5V
Output Frequency: 100W
Model Number    : YHY-PAS052000
Input Voltage   :100-240V
Type            :Iron case
Output Voltage  :5V
Output Power    :100W
Input           :100-240V 50/60HZ
Usage           :LED products
IP Level        :IP20
Weight          :390g
Size            :130*98*40mm

100W Switching led power suply 5v adapter 1pcs free shipping high quality Power Adapter Driver For LED Strip Light Display 220V/110V (YHY-PAS121000)
Brief Instroduction
Wide input range, high precision voltage.
 Overload protection
Short circuit protection
Saving Power
Input:100-240V AC 50-60Hz
Output: DC 5V 100W
Dimension: 130*98*40mm
Color: as pictures show
Constant voltage and constant current
1)input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
2)range voltage: AC 90-264V 47/63HZ
1)over voltage protection: 120%min
2)over current protection: 120%min
3)Short-circuit protection: automatic recovery
Environmental requirement
1)operating temperature: 0-40
2)storage temperature: -20-85
3)opera ting relative humidity:5%----95%RH
4)Withstanding voltage: AC 3,000V (minimum), 5mA (maximum)
5)Insulation resistance: DC 500V 100M (minimum)
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