Last modified: 15.10.2019

started: 11.10.2019

I want to be able to control a RGB light or light strips which are not addressable using PWM(pulse with modulation) pins on a micro controller. I will create a windows application which gives commands to a COM port and the micro-controller will read that COM port via USB or Bluetooth. I want to be able to send manually selected color to the controller and I want to be able to make the light or light strip change by the CPU power used on the windows computer.

The micro-controller code

SerialColors.ino is this the program running on the device. This program is ready to run on these micro-controllers.

  • Arduino Nano
  • NodeMcu (ESP2866)
  • Esp32

If you want send commands to the Esp32 device via Bluetooth you can activate line 15 in the code by changing it from "//#define USE_BLUETOOTH" to "#define USE_BLUETOOTH".


The source for the whole project can be found here.


I created a windows setup containing the windows application and the code for the micro controller

Download the setup for windows application SerialColors