Last modified: 23.6.2018

started: 12.6.2018

I wanted to enlarge the room which belongs to my older daughter.

The room will be enlarged into the garage.

Setup the pillars

First task was to setup the pillars, used planks 45mm x 70mm. My dog Huni is making sure things are done correctly.

West pillar image South-west pillar image North-east pillar image East pillar image


I did not want the garage electricity in the new space. I wanted the electricity from her old room. So it's pretty nice to have a son which is an electrician. My son Hilmar Hólm Guðjónsson used a angle grinder to saw a path for the electric wires into the concrete wall. On the other side of the wall there was a light switch. From that switch, the new space will have it's electricity. A Lan plug will also be connected and that wire will be connected to the router which is in the garage.

The plan

This is how I wanted the electricity to be connected. The stepsyou see on these two images took a while to make. I used the stair calculator on this page to design them. The material I used was a 45mm * 240mm * 5400mm wooden plank.


Hilmar found a better way for the wires in the concrete, other than that, the connections where according to the plan.

Next I filled the cut with concrete. I am going to leave it un-patched for a while to let it completely dry.

Concrete cut filled upp

Kamilla worked hard patching, sanding and painting the room with me.

Before sawing

Some stages of the project